Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Guide

You just had a car accident that was somebody else's fault. Your friend suggests filing a claim for compensation with the help of a lawyer. You look at newspaper advertisements for lawyers and they all say 'No Win No Fee Accident Claims.' What does that mean?

'No win no fee accident claims' has become a buzzword of sorts. In simple words, no win no fee accident claims just means that you do not pay your lawyer until you win the accident claim compensation from the other party. This, of course, sounds attractive to gullible consumers. But before you sign on the dotted line, understand what 'no win no fee accident claims' really means.

'No win no fee' does not mean 'I win all the time'.

Nothing stops that law graduate with a dubious law degree from advertising his services as 'no win no fee claims.' Not even the poor fellow who barely managed to pass his law exams. In the worst scenario, some unqualified claims managers may ruin your case-that too for no fee!

Out of desperation, these half-baked lawyers are likely to use no win no fee accident claims as a tantalising advertising slogan to entice gullible customers. Such lawyers may take on your case but cannot guarantee you a win.

If your lawyer is saying 'no win no fee accident claims', check his or her expertise. Does he or she have enough experience with accident claims? Ask for references. Most importantly, look at the track record.

In case of a win, you still lose.

The 'no win no fee claims' offer conveniently omits the actual fee you have to pay your lawyer in case you win. The hefty fee charged by some lawyers may actually cancel out the entire compensation amount that you win. This is as good as not filing an accident claim at all! Read the fine print carefully to understand the terms and conditions before you sign anything.

No win no fee does not mean 100% compensation.

In no win no fee claims, some lawyers settle for a certain cut of the compensation amount if you win. This means that if you file for a loss of 2,000 pounds, and you win, you still lose a certain portion to your lawyer. The amount left may not be enough to pay for, say, the damages to your car or medical bills for your injuries.

Demand 100% compensation! Remember to include the cost of legal expenses in your accident claim. By doing this, you get 100% compensation and the lawyer gets his fees in case you win.

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